Got stuck? Here's how you can get some help:

Context Help

Many parts of the Control Panel allow you to see helpful information about that part of the Control Panel. Simply click on the Show/Hide Help link in the top right corner.

Video Tutorials

Many sections of the Control Panel also allow you to see a video that shows you how to use that section. Just click on the Video Tutorials link, which is beside the Show/Hide Help link.


To access the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), click on the Help Center tab and select FAQ. You are able to browse the FAQs by selecting the relevant topic, or search the FAQs for a certain keyword.

Submit a Ticket

If you require further help, you are able to contact our helpdesk. Simply click on the Help Center tab and click on Open New Ticket. This will bring up a form that allows you to send the problem to our helpdesk. Our aim is to respond to your ticket within sixty minutes.